Preschool Overview

  • Promoting independence (putting away personal items, cleaning up, washing hands, morning work)
  • Encouraging social/emotional skills (sharing, interacting with others, being comfortable talking in front of a group, controlling emotions)
  • Using manipulatives to strengthen fingers for writing
  • Developing large motor skills (running, jumping, climbing, balancing, kicking)
  • Learning through play (dramatic play, building with blocks, sensory table)
  • Exploring concepts in all major areas (science, math, reading, writing)
  • Show-and-tell based on letter of week to encourage public speaking and promote conversation
  • Fun and interactive science experiments
  • Weekly music and library

Preschool Standards


  • Know that God created the world, others, me and all I see
  • Begin to understand angels have been created by God
  • Memorize The Guardian Angel prayer
  • Know Bible is the holy book which contains stories of God’s creation and Jesus’ life
  • Jesus came to live on Earth because He wanted to share God’s love
  • Experience Mass
  • Become familiar with liturgical calendar: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter
  • Understand concept of sin
  • Use prayer to talk to God for forgiveness, in thanksgiving and to help us

Communicating (Literacy):

  • Uses words to describe actions/emotions
  • Remembers and follows directions involving 2 or 3 steps
  • Listens to others and responds in a group discussion
  • Joins in and makes up songs, and rhymes that play with sound of language
  • Sings a song or says a poem from memory


  • Begins to sound out words
  • Begins to identify individual letters of alphabet
  • Understands which symbols are letters and which are numbers
  • Knows print has meaning
  • Recognizes own name in print
  • Begins to understand the order in which a page is read


  • Makes marks, scribbles or letter like shapes and identifies them as words
  • Uses pretend writing during play
  • Attempts to copy one or more letters of the alphabet
  • Begins to print and copy own name
  • Identifies some letters


  • Count to 30 and beyond
  • Give next number in sequence 1 to 10
  • Uses measuring tools in play
  • Matches and sorts simple shapes
  • Compares size
  • Works puzzles up to 10 pieces
  • Follows simple direction for position


  • Have fun, hands-on science experiments
  • Ask questions and identify ways to find answers
  • Predict what will happen
  • Use tools to explore environment
  • Measure sand or water
  • Talk about changes in weather and seasons

Social Studies:

  • Describe family members and understands simple relationships
  • Adopts roles of family members during dramatic play
  • Draws own family
  • Recognize some people in community by their jobs
  • Talk about what they want to be when they grow up
  • Recognize that roads have signs or a name and houses have numbers to help identify location

Social/Emotional Skills:

  • Begin to develop self-concept
  • Begin to utilize self-management
  • Learning to learn
  • Building relationships
  • Developing social behaviors
  • Increasing problem solving and conflict resolution skills

Growing up Healthy:

  • Developing daily living skills
  • Beginning awareness of nutrition and health
  • Gaining personal safety skills

Touching, Seeing, Hearing and Moving Around:

  • Developing gross and fine motor skills
  • Using the senses to explore
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